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This week last week whoa... sigh. Okay. Woof. It was a while ago. ANYWAY, *however long ago,* the boys got together to discuss things. Like Park Chan-wook's excellent new movie The Handmaiden!  They also wax rhapsodic about the new sitcom Speechless, which is one of the pleasant surprises of this season's North American TV series, which actually provides much needed representation for disabled people! And Minnie Driver!

Also, comics.

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This week Last week Recently, the boys got together to catch up and talk about how busy they are, including James' experience in Texas during the hottest time of the year! James talks about seeing Hell or High Water, a modern western with a good native character!  Also, they discuss the first two episodes of Atlanta. The fact that they recorded this when that episodes were new should tell you how long ago this episode was recorded. Whoops!


Also, comics were discussed.

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This week a while ago, the boys got together to catch up, talk festivals, fermented fish and No Man's Sky! That game that generated a ton of controversy for disappointing people was, contrarianly enough, something James quite enjoyed! But he also likes fermented fish.

Also, comics?

Also, the Moonshot Volume 2 Kickstarter is still live! Check it out and maybe consider giving it money so James has to do work!


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This week, the boys got together to talk about self promotion! On Brandon's end of things, his comic book shop, Variant Edition, is moving, and he'd like it if you all know about it! Because of this, James is breaking his "Brandon can't mention his business by name for some reason" rule, and including the link to not only information on Variant Edition's new location, but also a great sale they're running:


And in addition to that, James has news: he's been asked to write the foreword/introduction for the next volume of Moonshot, the indigenous comics collection! The first volume of the book was a huge success, and the second is being Kickstarted right now, with a campaign ending on September 30th! Check it out and get a hardcover:


Next, in lesser, unimportant news, they talk about TV, the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and, of course, comics!

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This/last week (whoops!) the boys got together to talk the end of James' move, life cohabitating and of course insult each other. Afterwards, they discussed the WWE's Cruiserweight Classic, which is just a gosh danged delight don't you know.  It you're not a wrestling person, this could actually be something more up your speed - less weighted on story and styled more like an athletic competition, featuring handsome boys!  

Also, comics were discussed.

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This week, the boys got together to catch up and watch the first episode of Netflix's new original series Stranger Things, which surprised them in its quality.  James refuses to be grateful to the person who recommended it to him, on principle.  Anyway, it's good!  Tune in for a more rigorous discussion of some John Francis Daley as hell teens.

Also, comics.

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This week, the boys got together to give the most boring life updates ever, in the first ever episode recorded in the new podcast HQ, aka James' new office in his new home!  I mean, that's exciting for him, but the life update stuff is basically, "I moved, sorry about the echo."  We'll get 'em next week!

Meanwhile, the boys watched the first episode of HBO's newest drama series, The Night Of, and really liked it!  It also made James miss James Gandolfini.  After this, they discuss comics from the last week, including Jade Street Protection Services #1!

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This week (!!!) the boys got together to catch up after a week without recording.  To mark the Fourth of July (and because there's no new TV that day) (and because James wanted to watch it anyway), they watch Jaws, which Brandon had never seen and James was more than willing to shout about.  After this: comics!

And yes, with this episode we are officially back on schedule!  New episodes will proceed as normal (Wednesdays, weekly) going forward and we'll try to keep folks aware of any disruptions to the schedule!

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This/last week, the boys got together to catch up on life, which is to say James' move.  They discuss the first two episodes of the second season of The Jim Gaffigan Show, including his discussions of Catholicism and the difficulty in making an episode of internet outrage but also still getting the point.  Also, comics.

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This/last week, the boys got together to catch up on life stuff, which means <reggaeton airhorn> moving update!  Also, James talked about seeing Popstar and becoming an Andy Samberg fan, and they discuss the first episodes of the new Voltron: Legendary Defenders show on Netflix.  Finally, comics are discussed.

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